Clinical Trials

  • About Bionomics' Clinical Trials


    BNC105: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Phase 1) 

    BNC105: Colorectal Cancer (Phase 2)

  • About Clinical Trials

    'Clinical trial' is the name given to any study involving the testing of a drug, device or other intervention in humans.

    In the first case, the drug may be new, and never before tested in humans, or it may be an existing drug being tested in a novel therapeutic application.

    In drug development, clinical trials follow 'preclinical' trials that are conducted in the laboratory

  • Frequently asked questions

    Why do companies conduct clinical trials?

    In brief, clinical trials are a regulatory requirement before a new drug, device or procedure can achieve registration -- a complex process determined by a country's regulatory agency. Registration that allows the use of a new therapy in humans is dependent on the submission to such agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration and Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration,

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