In November 2005, Bionomics granted licenses to LabCorp to commercialise two proprietary epilepsy diagnostic tests. Under the deal, LabCorp obtained the rights to commercialise the SMEI diagnostic test (previously licensed to Athena Diagnostics and Genetic Technologies Ltd; see below). In addition, it became the first licensee for Bionomics' Benign Familial Seizures test. This second test permits the diagnosis of a second class of seizure disorders that strikes infants and young children. Bionomics received an upfront fee for rights to the test and receives a substantial royalty for each test sold.

LabCorp had annual sales in excess of US$3.0 billion in 2004 and is the second largest provider of diagnostic services in the US. Through its national network of 33 clinical laboratories and approximately 1,300 patient service centres, LabCorp provides clinical testing services to more than 220,000 physicians, government agencies, managed care organisations, hospitals, clinical labs, and pharmaceutical companies.

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