Bionomics, South Australia

Bionomics buildingThe company's principle research facility comprises of over 2,500 m2 of state-of-the art laboratory space in Adelaide, South Australia. Capabilities include high throughput screening, electrophysiology stations, and fit-out for biologists and medicinal chemists.




Neurofit CRO Subsidiary, France

Neurofit buildingIn January 2005, Bionomics acquired Neurofit Preclinical Research, a leading contract research organisation specialised in neurological diseases. In addition to providing research services for many large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Neurofit provides preclinical support to Bionomics' internal drug discovery operations.

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Prestwick Chemical Subsidiary, France

In September 2014, Bionomics acquired Prestwick Chemical, a premium provider of medicinal chemistry services and smart screening libraries. It specializes in research and development services in early drug discovery including hit identification and validation, hit to lead, and lead optimization based on its expertise and state-of-the-art computational technology. The acquisition of Prestwick vertically integrates key functions within Bionomics in early stage drug discovery and development in neuroscience and oncology.  

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