Bionomics’ CSC Rx Discovery platform is a validated method for discovering highly active, functional therapeutic antibodies and small molecule candidates that target cancer stem cells at the root of cancer. 

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a subset of cells within a tumor thought to play a critical role in tumour initiation, recurrence and metastasis. Traditional assays used by most cancer researchers are designed to find drugs that target the proliferative bulk of a tumour, but not the small cancer stem cell compartment. Adapting traditional assays to find CSC-specific drugs is also difficult because unlike proliferative tumour cells, which have been studied for decades, the inner workings of cancer stem cells are poorly understood.

Bionomics’ unique CSC Rx Discovery platform uses a proprietary series of in vitro and in vivo assays that specifically and effectively identify drugs that inhibit cancer stem cells from primary, patient-derived tumours. Our CSC Rx Discovery platform has been used to successfully identify anti-CSC therapeutics that reduce CSC frequency and most importantly, prevent tumour regrowth in serial re-implantation assays. Bionomics’ validated CSC platform has generated a robust pipeline of novel CSC therapeutics, and will continue to provide additional CSC candidates in the future.